Four Seasons Mobile Spa

& Heal At Wheel!

Who We Are...

About The Owner...

De'Leon is a Gifted Healer in the Art of Massage & Quantum Touch. 
Quantum Touch is simply utilizing Source Energy to raise the vibration of a sick person or animal to the vibrational rate of well being and the innate healing ability of each cell does the rest. He is proficient with these particular modalities: Swedish, Deep tissue, Thai, Pre & Post Sports, Prenatal, Shiatsu, 
Hot Stone, Body Scrub, Body Wraps & Aromatherapy. He has developed his own technique over the past 16 years and is well known as "Heavenly Hands."
The rightful title Heavenly Hands was given to him by his clients, so when it came time to name the business, that became the most natural & fitting title. 

Founded in 2005, Heavenly Hands Mobile Spa lived on until early 2013.                       
De'Leon who was the heart and soul of the business was forced to put it on hold while he returned to his native home, Chicago to attend to a family emergency. 
He recently returned to the West Coast to transition Heavenly Hands 
Mobile Spa into Four Seasons Mobile Spa January 2015. 

*Our entire team consist of Skilled Massage Practitioners & Holistic Healers that apply both skills to every massage...given you a "Heaven On Earth Experience"

*For your a Free Consultation, please call us at: 424-279-4285

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